‘The brand guardian’ with a thousand eyes

16 out 2019

In the past, brands were reduced to a mere corporate symbol: an image with a tagline.   Coming to the digital era, when consumers are active and share their ideas, impressions, good and bad experiences, brand is not only a name: it is the whole experience someone has with a company, no matter its size or niche.

In this scenario, if any business wants to succeed,  it is vital to monitor each contact point  the brand has with its, consumers, haters, employees, partners and competitors. I usually say that  it is not only what the company publishes in its social media channels that matters: consumers will, at first, consider what other people are saying about a product or service.  Being called digital reputation: it is how a brand is perceived by stakeholders.

As a corporate communication manager, I consider this new brand concept a great challenge, as companies are not only expressing their mission, vision and values with words: they are communicating  their brand even when they don’t reply to a negative comment on a social media channel.

Nowadays, even silence communicates!

So, what is our role? What skills do we need to improve to become better communication managers? We are expected to solve problems, being creative and act in a proactive way, so communication can help companies to deliver value to multiple stakeholders.  We need to detect gaps, analyse scenarios and prevent any risks associated to a campaign or content.

By not expressing any exaggeration in this matter, having a thousand eyes and behave as a ‘brand guardian’ is demanding. Monitoring channels, practicing social listening and being aware of any dangerous partnership or action that could harm the company’s reputation is beyond a necessity, it is essential for the survival of any company from 21st century.

16/10/2019 Isabela Pimentel